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Decorative barrels for display Kotobuki-Shochikubai / Large size

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This decorative barrel depicts a traditional Japanese good-luck charm.
The Chinese character for "Kotobuki" (longevity), which is used in Japan for celebrations that occur only once in a lifetime, is written in large red letters in the center of the barrel.
The surrounding area is decorated with pine, bamboo, and plum trees, which are symbols of congratulations in Japan.
The pine tree is an evergreen coniferous tree that keeps its leaves green all year round and has a long life span of tens or hundreds of years, making it a symbol of longevity.
Bamboo is a symbol of "prosperity of offspring" because it never withers and grows straight and supple all year round, and also because its roots are firmly planted in the ground and new shoots sprout.
The plum tree is a symbol of "nobility" and "longevity" because of its vitality, which blooms with a noble fragrance before a hundred flowers in early spring, when the weather is still bitterly cold.
The core material of the decorative barrel is styrofoam, so it cannot be filled with alcohol or opened by Kagami-biraki.


Contents of the barrel: Styrofoam
Exterior material: Polypropylene


Size: Approx. 60 cm (diameter) x 60 cm (height)
Weight: Approx. 5.2 kg

Kagami-biraki ceremony

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