About Us

About Us

IWAIDARU HONPO sells goods related to Kagami-biraki, a traditional ritual from Japan for good luck at the beginning of a new year, as well as uniquely designed Japanese sake barrels and containers to the world.
Kagami-biraki is often done in Japan at weddings, commemorative ceremonies, and celebrations of business openings, wishing for long-lasting good fortune.
Sake barrels are displayed as offerings at shrines and used as interior decorations in restaurants and eateries.

We wish to spread Kagami-biraki to the world.
We are your one-stop solution for all things Kagami-biraki!
We promise you four advantages to them.

  • Providing Japanese quality service

    Operated by a Japanese company.
    Services based on Japanese high standards.

  • Reasonable price

    We sell our products at Japanese retail prices.
    (Shipping and other costs not included.)

  • Providing knowledge about Kagami-biraki

    Our experts will provide you with knowledge and information about Kagami-biraki.

  • Offering authentic Japanese products

    We deliver high quality products directly from Japanese manufacturers.

Kagami-biraki ceremony